First Altruistic Performance

Narodni dom Maribor, 22, 23, 24, 29 November 2017

The First Altruistic Performance is a solo performance by Marko Bulc, created a decade after his last solo project entitled The Last Egoistic Performance. This time, the author deals with the topic at the opposite extreme – altruism.

The First Altruistic Performance is based on the author’s frustration and dissatisfaction with most of the so‑called artivistic projects (including his own), which exploit unfortunate, unjust, illegal, and similar miserable situations of the other and the others for self‑promotion and to strengthen their artistic ego, while being for the most part self‑sufficiently confined within the boundaries of the art system.

Although Bulc decided to make a performance about altruism, he did not invite his colleagues to join him. He wanted to do everything by himself. And he did. And in the end, he also collected the fees of the potential co-creators of the performance. One for everything, one for all! Does this seem altruistic?

Bulc has entered the process through two forms of training – Urban Heat workshops and seminars – held in Munich, Lisbon, Dro, London, and Maribor as part of the Urban Heat project, learning about different artivistic practices in the urban environment, as well as through practical training for lecturer‑guide at the Urban Culture Institute in Ljubljana, which organizes alternative urban walks around Ljubljana, including Ljubljana Alternative Tour, which is now actually led by Marko Bulc.