Costume Drama: City Patrol Maribor

City of Maribor, November 30 2017

Flo Kasearu and Andra Aaloe are Estonian artists living in Tallinn and working in various fields of art and with different media. In Maribor, they decided to address the issue of security, which is becoming one of the pressing issues of modern times. We live in a world that seems increasingly dangerous. In a world where security is increasingly shifting from national and local levels to the private sector. Is the world really becoming more and more dangerous? Are we becoming increasingly safe with private security?

Costume Drama is a participatory group activity where the participants are transformed into »security authorities«. Andra and Flo invite us: »Secure your future by joining the security sector. Become one of us, be a link in the Global Control Network. Help us create a new geography of power. Learn to see the world in another light. Let’s build a culture of security together. « Costume Drama is an interactive guided tour of the various city attractions where the audience simultaneously performs the routine work of security workers.