The Albany, London, 27-29 June 2018
Ķengarags, Riga, 7-9 September 2018
Reykjavij, 15 November 2018

Starting at dusk and ending at dawn, Nocturne is a journey into the wild side of the city and the creatures that reside there.

As the sun sets and darkness forms audiences are invited to disappear into the underworld, slipping through the concrete and electricity, streetlights and supermarkets in search of something other. Within the shadows and undergrowth we are drawn a stranger and less familiar place where perspectives shift on our urban landscape.

Created by an international team of artists Krista Burāne (Latvia) and Andy Field (UK) and including set designer Ieva Kauliņa (Latvia) and choreographer Erik Eriksson (Sweden), the work is developed in collaboration with local night workers in the city. Nocturne is a different kind of theatrical encounter. Part performance, part walk, part workshop, it is a song of the night and the creatures that inhabit it leading us across city in search of its edges.