Hope Springs Eternal

Helsinki, June 7-10, 2018

Hope Springs Eternal is a unique international collaboration between UK arts mavericks The Brick Box, the Baltic Circle Festival and the people of Kannelmäki district. This unique four day residency will re-imagine Sitratori Square as a magical place for transformation and celebration through the medium of water and the creation of a mass public bathing ritual.
Everyone is welcome to immerse themselves in this gentle, uplifting, playful and empowering experience. Audiences, artists and local residents come together here to create this interactive live artwork; part performance, part ritual, part dreamscape.
The Brick Box is Bradford based artist-led social enterprise, which invites people to share creative experiences and see things differently. Their multidisciplinary team includes choreographers, musicians, engagement specialists, designers, mental health experts, urbanists, journalists, technologists and installation artists. They are engineers of atmosphere, creating innovative experiences which are meaningful and unique.