Baltic Circle

Baltic Circle is an international festival for contemporary theatre organised annually in November in Helsinki. The festival is an artwork that brings intensities into the city, takes stands on current questions, and ignites dialogue. It is a platform for new phenomena and an active forum for discussion. Baltic Circle believes in the aesthetic and affective powers of the arts, and in the potential of social and political agency of performance. The works seen at the festival grasp the phenomena and crucial questions of our times, and search for new forms of performing arts and revised modes of production. In addition to festival production, Baltic Circle participates actively in both Finnish and international performing arts networks, takes part in multi-level development and education initiatives, makes publications, organises residencies and artistic exchanges, helps build up and shape the independent performing arts scene, and influences local cultural policy. Baltic Circle is based on a firm belief in the opportunities of arts to bring people together and to participate in societal change. Art can grant a space to imagine what does not yet exist, to re-organise our way of understanding reality, and to find forms to share it. Our cornerstone is a trust in artists, partners and colleagues alike, as well as a boldness to tackle new phenomena and hushed realities, without prejudice. Baltic Circle highlights communality, collaboration and commitment as key elements in building a festival, and aims to encourage social justice, solidarity and gender equality. 




November 15-19, 2016; November 14-19, 2017; November 13-17, 2018