SAAL Biennaal

SAAL Biennaal is a brand new festival by its name, but it is planted on the fertile ground of the oldest international contemporary dance and performing arts festival in Tallinn - August DanceFestival (since 1996). After completing the last, 15th edition, time was ripe for changes and therefore SAAL Biennaal was born. The new name of the festival binded it clearly with the heart of it – the venue Kanuti Gildi SAAL. As a result of the overall melting of the borders between different art forms it is only natural that in addition to performances in theatre setting, the programme of SAAL Biennaal also includes staged exhibitions, film installations, city walks and other in-between genre events all over town. In the process of reinventing itself credit is given to the questions and challenges proposed by the artists to themselves and others, regardless of their form.




August 15-27, 2017