TechCityLab and the Digital Shift

We all know how much technology is shifting some artistic practice, creating new, networked communities and transforming the way artists can connect to audiences. This City Lab in London will provide an overview of how digital technologies can enable greater cultural participation as well as providing you with specific skills and access to technologies.

The first two days of the Lab will be spent at FutureFest, a weekend of talks, events and immersive experiences. It’s up to participants to curate their own journey through the plethora of FutureFest activity, seeking out the great technologists and digital thinkers with fascinating things to say.

Later on the participants will move from theory into practice, including a tour of London led by The Brick Box organisation and then a Hack Day where they will work in small groups with technologists to explore how to develop projects utilising existing technologies. Responding to the feedback from previous Labs we have also built in plenty of time and space for Urban Heat artists to share ideas and practice together.

London Lab Schedule 9.9.16.xlsx (0.01 MB)




September 16-20, 2016

Organised by

LIFT in collaboration with Homo Novus